Wheel Chairs

We have a good selection of wheel chairs in store.

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Softech ® Seat Cushion

Provides added comfort and protection for the user when sitting for long periods and lessens the likelihood of pressure ulcers. Fits 16”-18” chairs.

Pride Synergy Simplicity Cushion

Provides lateral support for clients in need of mild positioning.

Pride Synergy Solution Cushion

Provides lateral and anti-thrust support for clients in need of moderate positioning. Designed for clients who need mild to moderate skin protection.

Swivel Cushion

Makes getting out of a chair or car-seat super easy.

Swivel Seat

This seat offers a smooth, full swivel movement for those who need assistance getting in and out of vehicles.

MediSoft Foam Ring Cushion (soft)

An oval, moulded foam cushion for post-surgical patients or anyone needing additional comfort when seated for long periods. Comes with a cotton cover.

Medi-Soft Moulded Ring Cushion (firm)

Medi-Soft ® Moulded Ring Cushion, including cover.

Icare Donut Cushion

For haemorrhoids and tailbone. Visco elastic memory foam.

AML Ring Seat Cushion

Ring-shaped cushion to provide extra support and reduce pressure while seated.

Medi-Soft Wedge Cushion

Visco-elastic memory foam. Great for vehicle seats.

MediSoft ® Lumbar Cushion - Short

A semi-circular cushion that provides pressure relief and support.

MediSoft ® Lumbar Cushion - Long

A semi-circular cushion that provides pressure relief and support.