Walkers (sometimes called rollators) are a great way to stay active when mobility is compromised. They provide stability and security and come with a wide and diverse range of features. Our walker section is designed to suit most people's height, build, and budget! 

Pride Mobility 6 Inch Wheel Walker - PMW 6

Great entry level walker. Lightweight and easy to use.

WAS $195.00
NOW $175.00
Pride Mobility 8 Inch Wheel Walker - PMW 8

Great entry level walker. Lightweight and easy to use with larger wheels.

3 Wheeled Aluminium Walker

The beauty of a 3 wheeled walker is that it folds super small making it easy to transport.

Cubro Deluxe Walking Frame - Front Wheels, Rear Skis

Light weight walking frame for indoor use.

Folding Walking Frame

Lightweight aluminium walking frame is ideal in and around the home.

Freiheit Freedom Stroller XC Walking Frame

This robust walker has large wheels and pneumatic tyres ideal for rough terrain.

Freiheit Freedom Stroller Walking Frame

A robust German engineered walker made from lightweight aluminium.

Freiheit Freedom Stroller Narrow Walking Frame

The narrow version of the standard Freedom walker made from lightweight aluminium.

Mobilis Plus Walking Frame

Top quality lightweight aluminium folding walking frame with large 8" (200mm) wheels.

Mobilis Quad Low Seat Walking Frame

Walking Frame with larger wheels but a low seat for shorter people.

Mobilis Narrow Walking Frame

Narrow Walking Frame designed for more petite people.

Mobilis Walker (6inch wheels)

Smaller 6 inch wheeled Walking Frame. Great for indoor use.