Daily Living Aids


All those extra little products that make daily living that little more pleasurable. Can't find what you need? Call us 07 575 2033

Dressing Stick

Simple way to ease dressing.

Vitility ® Dressing Stick with Shoehorn

Dressing stick and shoe horn in one handy item.

WAS $38.00
NOW $21.00
Long Handle Hair Comb

Personal grooming product that is ergonomically designed and features an anti-slip long handle

Vitility Tablet Crusher

Handy tablet crusher.

WAS $17.00
NOW $10.00
Tablet Splitter

The cover contains a blade that divides tablets in half for storage of small doses or for easy swallowing. You can also store tablets in the front tray. Not suitable for capsules.

Vitility Key Turner for 3 Keys

Makes opening doors easy.

WAS $17.00
NOW $12.00
Vitility Opener Multi

Non-slip, flexible and firm rubber Multi Opener is very comfortable to use and can be used on lids of all sizes.

Tenura Bottle Opener

Tenura silicone rubber bottle openers make opening small containers easy

Non-Slip Jar opener

This cone shaped rubber with protruding round grips on the outside and ribbing on the inside gives a good grip for opening and closing twist-off jar lids and bottle caps.

Standard Multi Opener

Used to open pressure sealed caps, resealable twist-off bottle caps, ring pull cans and jar lids.

Vitility Self-opening Scissors

Using scissors has never been easier.

Kettle Pourer

The frame helps prevent spillage. Made of wire frame with a cradle. It holds most kettles and pivots on a raised wire frame to allow gentle pressure to be applied to the handle to pour into the cup. The kettle sits in the cradle and is secured by a strap.