Walking Canes & Crutches 

We have a huge selection of canes and walking sticks; from folding canes to crook handled, bright colours to camouflage! We even have traditional German made wooden canes.  Come into to our showroom to choose yours today....

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Coppers Comfy Elbow Crutches Double Adjustable

Double-adjustable, high quality, high user weight. “C” clip for strength. High resistance (very hard to bend) anodised aluminium. (Pair)

Chevron Under Arm Crutches

A superior-quality, aluminium crutch with padded tops and hand-grips. Quick pin-clip adjustment with easy-to-read height scale.

Children's Elbow Crutches 4-7 Years

Colourful crutches for kids aged between 4 and 7. (Pair)

Children's Elbow Crutches 6-10 Years

Children's Elbow Crutches 6-10 Years.

Crutch Tips 19mm - 22mm Heavy Duty

High quality, grey rubber - Steel insert 19mm or 22mm Sold individually.