We have a range of equipment for your bathroom needs.  Cannot see what you are looking for? Contact us; or 07 575 2033

For short term use there is always our Hire Equipment.

Bexley Shower Stool with Arms (Draining seat)

Height adjustable shower stool with arms and draining seating.

Shower Stool With Arms

Provides a stable seat while bathing

Viking Shower Stool with Arms and Padded Seat

Deluxe shower stool with arms and padded seat.

Viking Shower Chair with Arms

Fully adjustable. Adjustable seat height and angle. Made from epoxy-coated mild steel. Pre-treated for rust protection.

Shower Chair With Back

Shower chair with back and arms. Height adjustable legs and self draining seat.

Shower Chair without Back

Shower chair without back or arms. Height adjustable legs and self draining seat.

Shower Stool with Rotating Seat

Shower stool with rotating seat made from lightweight aluminium.

Small Shower Stool

Compact stool that fits in even the smallest shower

Adjustable Bath Stool (small)

Adjustable bath stool made from a lightweight aluminium, textured plastic base and non-slip feet.

Bath Seat with Suction Cups

Provides a stable seat for those who can't lower themselves completely into the bath.

Bexley Bath Board

Easy adjustable anti-slip rubber coated pillars that match the shape of the bath.

Vitility Grab Rail Quick Mobile Suction

No drilling holes in the wall, simply attached via suction. 400mm or 500mm long