Four Star Golf Cruiser


Four Star Golf Cruiser

The Four Star Golf Cruiser allows golfers to cruise around the fairways and greens with ease and comfort. Giving individual golfers the opportunity to remain mobile and increase their speed of play.

Tilt Carrier

Tilt Carrier - an aluminium carrier that allows you to carry your Four Star Golf Cruiser, Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair on the back of your vehicle. This carrier works with most vans, cars, or SUV's.


Drive your Golf Cruiser into the back of your car. Sold individually, 2 or 3 needed depending on vehicle.

Battery Charger

This is the new model smart charger.

Replacment Battery Set

Full set of 6 batteries (two packs)

Double Golf Bag Holder

Double golf bag holder. Attaches to the original single golf bag holder mount. Enables you to carry two golf bags around the course.

Umbrella Holder

Designed for our Fourstar Golf Cruiser.

Spare Parts

Not only do we sell Golf Cruisers but we can supply an array of spare parts. Please Contact us for more info

Price by negotiation
Score Card Holder

Score card holder for your Fourstar Golf Cruiser