Equipped with superb components from the best suppliers…

German wheels and puncture resistant tyres

  • Scandinavian spokes
  • Shimano Nexus internal gearing
  • Shimano disc brakes front and rear
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Tough mudguards
  • Cushy suspended Velo seat
  • 25kg rated alloy rear rack
  • Cateye computer
  • Built in AXA frame lock
  • Free bike bar for transportation

Sprint 7L Specifications

  • Motor - 300W eZee manufactured hi-torque brushless with Planetary Reduction gears.
  • Battery - 36 volt (charges to 40 volts) 11Ah Lithium Polymer battery standard with 15, 21 and 28amp hour upgrades available.
  • Computer - Cateye Velo 7 keeps speed, distance, accumulated distance. Bike interface also has battery monitoring computer.
  • Speed - Up to 33kph without pedaling or higher speeds with pedaling.
  • Range - Up to 80kms with 15amp hour battery. Well over 100kms with upgraded 21 or 28 amp hour battery.
  • Power modes - 5 levels of pedal assist mode with electric throttle override at all times.

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Sprint 7M Dual Wheel Drive

This great all-round commuter, rail trail ready eBike is the cross-bar model. The dual wheel drive electric motor is in the front wheel and the 7-speed gears are on the rear wheel. This is a rail trail ready eBike. The Sprint 7M with the cross bar is used by five NZ councils, and NZTA has chosen it as the best eBike. The high torque motor is the same unit that won the 7,000km Sun Trip race across Europe in 2015. Our 54 year-old rider beat the 30 other entrants on Bosch equipment by two days! The motor powers the front wheel while the rear Shimano Nexus 7 speed internal gears change speedily and silently, ensuring an easy ride on any terrain. Electric throttle override lets you zoom away starting uphill or across a street without pedaling!