The Forza silently eliminates the strains of headwinds and hills. Its Shimano 9 Speed Deore rear sprockets and derailleur, coupled with our unique high performance motor, smoothly powers your ride. It has quickly become a popular choice for off-road and rail trail electric bicycle tourers, but also riders who prioritise the ride quality of a rear wheel drive electric bicycle, and the comfort from the long travel from suspension forks. The long travel at the front raises the bottom bracket higher off the ground than other models, providing more clearance over rocks and branches and also creating a relaxed cruising riding position.

The one and only Cape York electric bicycle, the eZee Forza Rear Wheel Drive (with slight modifications) rode where no electric bicycle had ever been before – the Bloomfield Track, the old Telegraph Track and all the way to the Northernmost tip of the Australian continent in far north tropical Queensland.

Forza Specifications

  • Motor - 300W eZee manufactured hi-torque brushless with Planetary Reduction gears.
  • Battery - 36 volt (charges to 40 volts) 20Ah Lithium Polymer battery standard. Upgrade to 29ah extra $400 ($4199). Upgrade to 34ah extra $750 ($4549). 
  • Range - Up to 70Km or over 150km with upgraded battery.  
  • Computer - Cateye Velo 7 keeps speed, distance and accumulated distance. Bike interface also has battery monitoring computer.
  • Speed - Up to 40kph without pedaling.
  • Power modes - 5 levels of pedal assist mode.
  • Throttle Override - No need to pedal! Simply twist the throttle and power away on electric. Great for hills and busy intersections.

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eZee Forza LST

Powerful, low maintenance e-bike, designed for both city and rail trail riding.