*Available in a range of colours

Equipped with superb components from the best suppliers…

  • German wheels and puncture resistant tyres
  • Scandinavian spokes
  • Shimano Nexus internal gearing
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Tough mudguards
  • Cushy suspended Velo seat
  • 200kg Integrated cargo frame payload
  • Cateye computer

Expedir Specifications

  • Motor - 300W eZee manufactured hi-torque brushless with Planetary Reduction gears. Peaks at 700watts
  • Battery - 36 volt (charges to 40 volts) 11Ah Lithium Polymer battery standard with 15, 21 and 28amp hour upgrades available.
  • Range - Up to 100Km with 19ah battery; up to 140Kms with 28ah battery.
  • Computer - Cateye Velo 7 keeps speed, distance, and accumulated distance. Bike interface also has a battery monitoring computer.
  • Speed - Up to 32kph without pedaling or higher speeds with pedaling.
  • Throttle Override - No need to pedal! Simply twist the throttle and power away on electric. Great for hills and busy intersections. 

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Expedir Deluxe Cargo eBike

The Expedir Deluxe includes uprated brakes and gears, making all those commuter, transport and cargo journeys so much smoother and easier. This is the ideal eBike for school runs with two children, grocery runs, cargo delivery and even beach adventures with this big carrier space. You decide! This electric cargo ebike can do everything that a standard pedal powered cargo bike can do but just that much easier. The Expedir has revolutionized heavy hauling on a bike. eZee leads the way in providing you with a personal hauling vehicle that is easy on the environment plus it saves you money on vehicle costs. Make the school run fun with both children able to fit on one bike, and with the shopping! Loads of configurations available. Electric throttle override lets you zoom away starting uphill or across a street without pedalling!