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Ezee-logo.pngis an international electric bicycle brand with distribution throughout the world with a long history in New Zealand. Established in 2001, it is known for its uncompromising attention to what makes an electric bicycle wonderful for the person who matters most – the rider! In the face of fashions and fads and many other design considerations it has always put the customer first


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Bike Beam bar

Allows a step through bike to be put on a rear carrier. FREE WITH SPRINT 7L & FORZA STEP THRU MODELS

Ezee eBike Charger

3amp lithium smart charger.

EZEE Shopping Panniers.

Large capacity. Tons of space for everything.

WAS $160.00
NOW $135.00
Basil Basonyl double fixed panniers

Fixed double panniers. Can be used on the Expedir with childs seats.

Basil Jada Shopper Bag Single

The Basil Jada Shopper Bag Single.

Basil Urban Messenger Bag

Simply clips on to your rear rack.

Basil Basimply Wicker Basket

Lovely removable wicker basket with handle.

Basil mesh front basket.

Well made front mesh basket.

Basil Centrol removable rear basket.

Steel Mesh construction with fast simple removable lock for rear carriers.

Basil Cento fixed

Strong mesh rear basket fixed in place.

Stainless Rear Basket

Large well made rear basket.