Cased and will slide into any eZee Kinetic bike. Our Sony cells charge to 41.9 volts and have amazing reserve. These are tested for compliance with EU certification under UN38.3 testing protocol. The Hi-capacity lithium polymer chemistry offered here is perhaps the best balance between safety, reliability and cost. Unlike other brands of batteries, eZee Kinetic batteries are rated at the actual work they do for you, and not their theoretical capacity. The theoretical rating on the cells is significantly higher than the eZee rating, because practically, batteries will perform less work than the total capacity of the cells. We rate the work they will do. The lithium cells are made in the highest quality manufacturing facility ( Sony Hi-capacity cells at present) and do not suffer the quality control problems that cheap battery companies suffer with. This means that we can realistically offer a guarantee with the battery. So when you look at the pricing for our batteries, and our complete bikes, look at the rated amp hour figure with confidence and know that we stand behind the battery performance. We also recycle our batteries, and these are particularly non-toxic, so it is a real environmental benefit when you ride.

20 amp hour (700 watt hours) Kinetic (eZee) lithium Ion hi-density cell battery

20ah spare or replacement battery for Ezee bikes.