M+ Cabin Scooter

The M+ Cabin Scooter is the most advanced Mobility Scooter in the world! Featuring reversing camera, automotive-grade LED headlamps and indicators. LCD display with speed and odometer and USB Charging ports and internal heater.

HS-928 Cabin

The CTM HS-928 with cabin is a robust four-wheel scooter with a built-in cabin for extra protection from all kinds of weather. For larger users or for those wanting to go longer distances, this heavy-duty scooter will deliver.

Single Seat Canopy (SSC)

Travel in comfort and style with the heavy-duty single seat mobility scooter with a built in canopy roof.

Dual Seat Canopy (DSC)

Travel side by side in comfort and style with our new heavy-duty double seat mobility scooter with a canopy roof.