Kinetic ebike wins 7,000km race

Kinetic ebike wins 7000km race

Congratulations goes to Bernard Cauquil (54) in his decisive win at the world’s longest ebike race.   The race goes from Milan to central Turkey and back with several way-points. Bernard has converted his recumbent bike with eZee Kinetic motor and battery and crossed the finish line a full two days ahead of the next competitor. Second place (two days behind) was the 2013 Sun Race winner on Bosch equipment.

Thirty entrants entered this iconic event with strong international showing and ebike systems from the major manufacturers. Solar panel arrays of a particular size were allowed and batteries could only be charged by the sun during the race event. Bernard used the new 28 amp hour Sony celled lithium battery from eZee kinetic. Bernard reported that only bike maintenance over the entire course was cleaning the chain. He had ridden the system 5000 kms previously as a proof of concept tour. His top distance for a day was 885 kms, with many other high mileage days to his credit.

Bernard picked the eZee Kinetic equipment because of his review of the specs and build quality. He installed this himself and by all accounts, he did a great job. He points out that this is a stock motor and battery and anyone can make this performance edge with this same readily available equipment.

What will the next Sun Trip Race bring? Perhaps several Kinetic powered ebikes.